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'Musician, Songwriter and Producer from Brighton, UK. I write songs inspired by alternative rock bands from the 00s'

Raised on the rural coast of England Oliver found comfort in music from a young age. He attended the school choir, played keys in orchestra and learned musical theory at the weekend. A quiet child with a wild imagination he struggled to form strong social circles until late into his teenage years when he played in numerous guitar based projects. He began to record original material, studying Songwriting in Brighton before Music Technology in London, continuing to refine his alternative rock sound. 

To help fund his course Oliver worked night shifts at Nightclubs in the centre of the city. Many songs within his debut album 'Atoms' were written during this intense era, including topics of friendship, complicated relationships, ecstasy, anxiety and a yearning to return the countryside.

Following his degree Oliver worked on his live act until he was able to buy a secondhand trades van in which he fitted it a bed, storage and insulated with sheep wool. Able to make enough money from busking and at ease with life on the road Oliver toured the United Kingdom for much of the next few years. His second and third albums were both written during this period and touch on topics of gratitude, loneliness, fleeting romance, fear, home sickness and the desire to travel.

As his appetite for touring waned, Oliver moved to Brighton, where he founded 'Mora Promotions' - a live event business that promoted local talent. Whilst living in the city he established a committed relationship, became a father, and celebrated a Civil partnership in 2023.

Settled with a family Oliver now focuses on creating original recordings and connecting with local fans. He continues to immerse himself in music; resisting songs that glamorise violence or material excess and championing those that promote kindness, gratitude, love and considerate living.

Picture of a very young Oliver Robinson Music
Picture of a young Oliver Robinson Music
Picture of Oliver Robinson Music in his early 20s
Picture of Oliver Robinson Music in his early 30s


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