Oliver Robinson's latest release Apollo is a ten track self produced album

inspired by the experiences of living as a travelling musician.

The album opens with Breathe, a song which describes the juxtaposition

of feelings of anxiety and excitement at the start of a journey. The following

tracks go on to describe bleak landscapes and hardships

but also hope, joy and the beauty in fleeting moments.


Oliver's writing style often interweaves his own experiences with fictional

narratives resulting in themes that hold personal significance but are subtle

enough for others to interpret their own meaning.

The Album concludes with Alleviation, written of a time when he and

friends would go out in search of meteor showers and the feelings this

sparked of being very small in an infinite universe. 

Oliver was born in the UK coastal town of Eastbourne in the summer of 1989. He was raised in the countryside of East Sussex before studying Songwriting in Brighton and Music Technology in London. His mid 20's was spent travelling the UK in a converted vehicle funding his fuel and food by busking and selling CDs, later settling in Brighton and founding 'Mora Promotions' a business that hosted live music events across the city.

He found companionship in his late 20s and is his early 30s became father to his first child.

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